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Meet the Designer

Dania Tijna Jones

born and raised in Baltimore City, Maryland, has accomplished many things in the 16 short years she has been on this earth.

From modeling, acting, cheering, dancing, piano, being a published author at the age of 10, and now added to her repertoire is a fashion designer.  Dania is also an excellent student, maintaining an "A" average and looking forward to college.

Dania is on the road to success as she has the ambition and drive to make her dreams come true. 

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Drémadik league is a unique clothing brand that began  September, 2020 bringing new modern fashion looks into the world.  

With a lot of ambition Dania jones, the 16 year old designer believed in herself to move forward with this process, revealing a message through her own fashion line.

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Drémadik League embraces the art of the people  who are dreamers, innovators, and desire to be outstanding . The fashion and lifestyle combination allows people that make purchases to understand they are walking with a purpose. 


Dania Jones' first novel is available for purchase here.

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